Test Rally Sosnova ’20

Rally Test Sosnova 2020 Rally Week

Although the first waves of official championships have already started, we will touch the tests once again. A few weeks ago, all the cream of the Czech rally gathered in the northern part of the Czech Republic, where the Sosnova track is located. It is used very widely – rally, rally-cross, drift, and other disciplines are located there. The track is used also in the Richard Burns Rally game, which has two versions of it. And people gathered there because the start of the country rally championship is near. So it was the perfect opportunity to train the muscles and metal to be able to push in the Bohemian Rally from the first kilometers. Test Rally Sosnova.

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Kisvaszar Rally 3 ’20

Kisvaszar Rally 2020 Rally Week

After a long and freezing period, when motorsport had to move to the virtual space, a kind of spring finally comes. The first blossoms are a various team and co-organized tests designed to get petrol flow back in the veins of cars and petrol heads. A few more weeks later, the first small-scale events were launched. Little by little, everything is trying to get back to the old tracks. Kisvaszar Rally 3.

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MCA Capriccio ’20

MCA Capriccio Rally Week

Although MCA Capriccio is more reminiscent of the name of some Italian racing team, it is actually the last rally to take place before the cancelation and postponements of all races. Drivers and drivers chased the cars on March 22, a week after the Mexican event of the WRC, which had already received ambiguous comments about its going in a global quarantine context. So the author of this text has nothing left but to grab the dictionary of the Japanese language and delve deeper into those who dared to start the engines at the starting line.

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Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo ’20

Rallye Monte Carlo Rally Week

This year, every Lithuanian motorsport enthusiasts found interesting phenomena. On the sad side, the first two rounds of the Lithuanian Rally Championship were canceled when winter forgot to visit this part of Europe. But at the beginning of January, serious men shook hands and lifted their hats and helmets against Vaidotas Žala and Saulius Jurgelėnas which drove the Dakar’s first stage as the leaders should drive, fast and error-free, winning the opener. Then, at the other end of the world, young Gustas Grimbergas stepped on the podium in Australia as the LMP2 AM winner in the Asia Le Mans series. And in the end, when you turned on the broadcast of the World Rally Championship, you could see and hear something that few Lithuanians have even dreamed of. There, in the French Alps, M-Sport car was guided with Lithuanian pace notes with Deividas Jocius behind the wheel. He is the first Lithuanian to start with the WRC car in modern WRC history. So briefly I will honor this event -Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo

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Arctic Lapland Rally ’20

Arctic Lapland Rally Rally Week

Rovaniemi is a city in the legendary Lapland region with a Santa Claus in the neighborhood. It is one of the few places where snowbanks are with a car roof at the moment. Thus, the Arctic Lapland Rally avoided the fate of Winter (Lithuania), Sarma (Latvia) or Finnskog (Norway) rallies due to lack of frost and snow. In addition, it is one of the most famous snow rallies in the world, which is only losing a place to WRC Sweden.

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Romania Historic Winter Rally ’20

Romania Historic Winter Rally Week

In most countries, where snow should already exist and winter rallies are canceled or moved, someplace in Romania does not have this issue. In the middle of the country, in a mountainous area near Brașov, the organizers covered over 200 kilometers of snowy roads. And Transylvania, one of the coldest regions in Romania, did not spoil the feast. Over 50 different historic cars took on snow-covered roads. This rally is not a championship event, but simply a celebration for petrolheads at the very beginning of the year when action is really lacking. Plus, it’s one of the few places where historic-class cars compete in sub-zero temperatures. The same organizers are organizing a gravel rally in the same neighborhood, except this one is in October and is twice as long.

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Jännerrallye ’20

Jannerrallye Rally Week

Many big things have their smaller copies scattered somewhere in the World. Be it museums or events. For example, the 24-hour Le Mans race has a counterpart in the US, where Petit Le Mans (Little Le Mans) takes place in Atlanta. And on the first weekend of January, fans focus their attention on the neighborhood of Freistadt, northern Austria, where the “little” Monte Carlo rally is held. Jännerrallye

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