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Last weekend Lithuania rally championship officially started. The first two snow rounds were canceled due very warm winter in the Baltic region. Third round, a month late due to lockdown happened successfully. It was meant to be also a Polish championship event, but You know that plans and the year of 2020 do not merge well. And it seems that the other 3 remaining rounds will happen without a problem, which is great news for rally fans here in Lithuania. The one-day event was won by Rally and Dakar rally driver Vaidotas Žala with Škoda Fabia R5. For quite of time, he has no one to stop here. Simply he is too good. But there were many battles in all classes. Fights until the last meters were happening for 2nd place and for the 2WD winner. But I will not spread about it more, because I have an interview with one guest, who visited us from Poland. He is Krzysztof Bubik. For the first time in Lithuanian stages – he was very quick and impressive with his BMW M3 E46. Only technical problems seized his final result.

So, Krzysztof Bubik is on the plate.

R.S. First of all, how did you get into the rally world?

K.B. My brother-in-law infected me with rallies.
From that moment I often dreamed, that one day I would also be a driver in rallies.

Krzysztof Bubik
Rally Week

R.S. Tell us, how the Poland rally scene is managing after quarantine?

K.B. Now In Poland, we have only Asphalt rallies which start in August. Unfortunately, there are no gravel rallies at this moment. Which I regret.

Krzysztof Bubik
Rally Week

R.S. You looked very impressive on the stages and the times were really good. How do You manage to drive that fast the first time being in Lithuania?

K.B. I don’t know how to do it myself. And really, together with the co-pilot, we’ve created great pace notes and on the first stage, we’ve managed to travel quickly. We had a lot of problems with the car and I think it should be better with each rally.

Krzysztof Bubik
Rally Week

R.S. You got some penalties, for late TC. Troubles with a car?

K.B. Exactly. A damaged engine mount, swingarm, and many others.

R.S. What is Your first impression about the organization, atmosphere, and everything else around Rally Žemaitija?

K.B. Very positive feelings on the rally thanks to the organizers who took care of it.

R.S. How Do you like the stages of Rally Žemaitija?

K.B. I liked them a lot. I really enjoyed the rally stages. The forest sections resembled my home rally a bit, while the fast and wide ones are something I love.

Krzysztof Bubik
Rally Week

R.S. As far, as I know, You do only gravel events. Why?

K.B. Recently yes, because my region is famous for gravel rallies. I also have experience on asphalt, but I have not traveled on this surface for 10 years.

R.S. At first, You drove FWD cars, now RWD. Any plans to change a car to AWD? Which car is the most fun to drive for You?

K.B. I definitely enjoy the most RWD. There was even a plan that we were to appear at your start in the Ford Fiesta Proto. But rather at this moment, we will stay with BMW.

R.S. plans to race in Lithuania again?

K.B. We are doing everything we can to start in the second round.

Krzysztof Bubik
Rally Week

R.S. The most awkward thing that happened this weekend?

K.B. Luckily there wasn’t any situation. This weekend was very positive in our memory.

R.S. Also a question for Your co-driver. How rally was for him?

Mateusz Martynek
I am very happy that I could start in Lithuania for the first time.
I really enjoyed the rally, fantastic special stages, atmosphere and a lot of fans.
I hope to be back soon I will be able to stay in Lithuania again.

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