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Rallye Eiffel ’20. On the weekend of the thirty-second week of this year, the whole of Europe boiled. The WRC Finland Rally, which was supposed to take place at that time, was alive only with the help of various articles, memories, insights, and other media types. But instead, the Polish Rally Championship started in south-eastern Poland, also taking Slovakia under its wing. There Hyundai driver J.Huttunen heroically won the fight against multiple Polish and Slovak champion G.Gzryb. V. Pech Jun has finally bought a serious car and now is unbeatable for two rounds in a row. The legendary V.Pech with the Ford Focus WRC ‘06 was not stopped by event another legend – J.Kopecky. With Portugal already back on track, the famous Rali Vinho de Madeira was already the third round of the championship. And these are just the biggest rallies, not to mention a bunch of smaller ones. Since it is very difficult to pick a favorite, we will travel completely elsewhere.

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Rallye Eiffel with Paris and France have only one common thing, that once this small piece of land where the rally took place was controlled by the French. That patch of land is called Mauritius. Don’t be ashamed, even a writer who graduated in geography had to check the location of this island on the World Map. It’s a lot of fun to have a rally found in the most diverse corners of the world.

This island, 500 kilometers east of Madagascar, has a really nice championship. The season usually consists of 5 events that take place from spring to late autumn, usually on an asphalt surface. The beauty and relief of nature are also reflected in the roads. The island is small, there are not many roads suitable for a rally, so the stages are very short. Special stages are usually from 2 to 7 kilometers long and run two or three times, one way or the other. So the rally mileage is just 30-50 kilometers. And around 30 participants usually gather around in Rallye Eiffel and are almost always local. Visitors from other countries are very rare. Logistically, it’s really hard to get there.

The technique is quite colorful. For the second year in a row, the Škoda Fabia R5, driven by multiple champion Rajesh Ramdenee, is a leading car. Although he is 60 years old, this racer, who runs the food supply business, is not giving up on rally yet. BMW, Subaru Impreza, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution cars are usually ranked behind Škoda R5. A number of Toyota models can be seen there. This country has such a championship only for the Mauritius Motor Racing Club, which organizes everything and helps the participants. The same Škoda Fabia R5 came to such an exotic country with the help of this club as well.

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