Kisvaszar Rally 3 ’20

Kisvaszar Rally 2020 Rally Week

After a long and freezing period, when motorsport had to move to the virtual space, a kind of spring finally comes. The first blossoms are a various team and co-organized tests designed to get petrol flow back in the veins of cars and petrol heads. A few more weeks later, the first small-scale events were launched. Little by little, everything is trying to get back to the old tracks. Kisvaszar Rally 3.

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In southern Hungary, one of the thousands of similar local roads between the towns of Kisvaszar and Alsomocsolad received a great deal of attention. A narrow, mostly forested stretch of asphalt, with cuttable turns. An 8-kilometer stretch was run by nearly 60 sports cars over and over. Like many events, this one was postponed from early April to mid-June. If not for the whole history of the pandemic, this mini-rally would probably not be special. Typically, the third category rallies in Hungary receive a full regiment of Lada VAZ cars and old Honda, Suzuki, or Toyota units of similar capacity. Of course, sometimes there are guests with much more serious and modern equipment. But this time, this small event of local significance brought together all the stars of the Hungarian rally. Multiple national champions, famous guests from other countries – Polish G.Grzyb and Austrian N. Mayr – Melnhof also started here. In total – 15 R5 class cars. Some events of the main Hungarian championship does not have such strong participants. Everyone wanted to test under normal conditions before the upcoming main championship. And there was something to test – who renewed or completely changed the technique, co-pilot, or even the whole team. Of course, such a contingent also gathered crowds of people. And there was something to watch, as drivers were getting braver and braver each kilometer. So mistakes occurred quite fast.

Adam Velencze was fastest to cover these 5 stages. And he was helped by a new, but experienced co-driver Tamas Szoke. They were equipped by Škoda Fabia R5 car. Apart from modern R5 cars, it was a pleasure to watch old Lada VAZ cars, which were driven with real quality. Fastest Lada finished 21 and left behind many of the techniques of this age. At the very end are even more interesting specimens. You can still see the “plastic” Trabant P601 cars, which have extremely good rolling characteristics.

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Photo – Gulf Racing Hungary