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Samsonas Rally Rokiškis 2020 Rally Week

This rally was the first in 18 years old Gracjan Predko’s rally career. A tough one for a debut I would say. So let’s hear more about it from his co-driver – Adrian Sadowski.

Rally Week: First time in Lithuania as a competitor. How do You like it?

Adrian Sadowski: Lithuania impressed me very nicely, that was one of the best rallies I ever compete and definitely one of the fastest.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. What is Your first impression about the organization, atmosphere, and everything else around Rally Rokiškis?

A.S. To be honest, everything was on the top level. Starting from a brilliant organization, fascinating atmosphere around and ending on the best spectators. Have to say that I didn’t see so many spectators before, especially after Žala’s crest.

R.W. As for a co-driver, was it difficult stages to read in this rally?

A.S. Generally, that was a very hard rally. Even if my most experience is on gravel roads it was not easy to read, especially because of very fast roads with big amounts of crests where your notes have to be perfect to drive fast and quite safe. Also, you have to be brave enough haha.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. Could You compare Polish, German, and Lithuanian gravel roads?

A.S. I would say Lithuania is a mix of Polish, Finnish, and Estonian gravel roads. You have everything here. Also, I can say that Lithuania is the best direction for gaining experience and expanding your speed for the future.

R.W. Tell us, how the Poland rally scene is managing after quarantine?

A.S. If it is about drivers, everybody is hungry and everybody wants to race as fast as possible. If it is about the organization we are in front of the first rally included in our Polish Championship and we will see how it goes, but the list of competitors is huge and I guess everything will be alright.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. A question for a driver. How was rally for him?

A.S. It was the first-ever rally for him. Quite a hard rally for a debut, but the experience he gained is priceless for the future especially if he is 18yo and he wants more! Generally, rally was very good for him, despite some adventures before and during the race.

R.W. Your father is a famous co-driver, how much do You learn from him?

A.S. Everything I know I got from my father. I was 5yo when I saw him for the first time in a rally car and from that time he was preparing me, especially with the notes. What is the funniest thing, for 12 years he was co-driving the father of my current driver so I can say that we are continuing this story with Gracjan now. The same situation is with him. Our fathers are helping us a lot.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. As far as I know, You were reading pace notes in a variety of different performance cars. Which car is the most fun to sit and read?

A.S. Yes, I had the opportunity to check myself in a variety of different rally cars. Fiesta R5+ was out of this world but still, BMW is the most fun car to drive, especially because you still going sideways.

R.W. Do You read pace notes in Polish? Is it a comfortable language for pace notes?

A.S. Yes, I do. That’s a very nice language to read, sometimes not that easy as it should be but still the best. English is also my option because it’s quite easier to read.

R.W. Any plans to move a bit left and take the wheel in stages?

A.S. Currently no. I would like to, but it‘s not that easy. Especially with my experience from the co-driver seat I know I would need to test so much before with rally car to drive with the pace I want.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. You are also a very fast Richard Burns Rally simulator driver.
Everyone is telling me that the biggest difference is, that You don’t feel G-forces while driving a simulator. Anything else to add?

A.S. That’s right. You can’t feel G-forces if you don’t have a simulator with a moving seat, but generally, everything is quite similar. Especially when we got developing psychics it is very good to test before rally event on simulators like RBR.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. Any plans to race in Lithuania again?

A.S. Definitely yes. We fell in love with Lithuania and we are waiting impatiently for Rally Elektrėnai.

R.W. There were other crews from Poland. Do You cooperate with them? Logistics and etc.?

A.S. Yes, we were cooperating with them a lot. I would like to say thank you to our service crew and also for Hołowczyc Racing for helping us before the race.

Adrian Sadowski interview
Rally Week

R.W. The most awkward thing that happened this weekend?

A.S. We got a puncture on stage 3 and that costs us a lot because we were changing it on stage and also the start on stage 15 where we got our driveshaft destroyed and finally we stopped 30m after the start line.

Thank you!

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