About Rally Week

The idea of writing about rallying in one or another format has been around for many years. So after a long time Rally Week came alive.

Initially, the beginning was when I started to write reviews for an online rally simulator named TopRally.net. It was around 2006 or 2007. Later I started the same thing in the Richard Burns Rally Simulator Lithuania community, which is known as RBR-LT. So it took 13 years to start what I always wanted – a real rallying review writing.  2019, February 15, the first post on the Facebook platform was born, both in Lithuania and English versions. And after more than one and a half years from Facebook Rally Week moved to a web page.

Rally Week stickers

There are 52 weeks in a year – and the idea of Rally Week is to look at one event each week from one angle or another. All this is complemented by more interesting historical records, interviews, car stories, or personal memories. This is just the original idea, and we will see how it turns out later…

Looking to the future, Rally Week has the ambition to become an original, high-quality, cozy corner of Lithuanian and World rally, where everyone will find valuable materials for themself to read.

I also hope that in the future more writers or other value-creating petrol-heads will join Rally Week, and this project will be able to become a strong bearer of the rallying word in Lithuania and in the World.

Rally Week Author Vilius Šaltenis at Rally Kurzeme in Latvia

And behind Rally Week, at least for now, a person stands, who first time saw rally at 2004. It was a winter event called Rally Visaginas. Before that, my best friend introduced me to rallying by sending mail with photos and CDs with World and National rally content. Those 16+ rally years ranged from very active to very passive. But those stories will still be told someday…

Vilius Šaltenis

Rally author Vilius Šaltenis in a BMW Rally Car with Gracjan Predko waiting for a test drive