Historic Rally

Rally Internazionale Storico Costa Smeralda ’20

Rally Internazionale Storico Costa Smeralda

A couple of months ago, I had the great pleasure of hearing one really extremely interesting interview. So I had a thought, to write about another woman in the rally world. She is, among other things, one of the most famous female co-drivers, 1892m. receiving the Halda Award – the highest evaluation trophy that a reader of the pace notes can receive. Plus she’s one of two people in history who has earned points at the World Rally Championship as a driver and as a co-driver. And here last week, Mrs. Fabrizia Pons put another cup on her shelf.

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Romania Historic Winter Rally ’20

Romania Historic Winter Rally Week

In most countries, where snow should already exist and winter rallies are canceled or moved, someplace in Romania does not have this issue. In the middle of the country, in a mountainous area near Brașov, the organizers covered over 200 kilometers of snowy roads. And Transylvania, one of the coldest regions in Romania, did not spoil the feast. Over 50 different historic cars took on snow-covered roads. This rally is not a championship event, but simply a celebration for petrolheads at the very beginning of the year when action is really lacking. Plus, it’s one of the few places where historic-class cars compete in sub-zero temperatures. The same organizers are organizing a gravel rally in the same neighborhood, except this one is in October and is twice as long.

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Vosges Rallye Festival ’19

Vosges Rally Festival

Recently, we have a look at the Top Fry Rally, which is a race between historic cars and, quite often, historic drivers. This time the theme is very similar – the same historic cars with the same historical drivers as Stig Blomquist, Timo Salonen, or the father of legendary Colin Mcrea – Jimmy Mcrea. The difference is one but fundamental. At an event like the Vosges Rallye Festival in France or the Eifel Rallye Festival in Germany, there is no counting time for the stages, so there are no results after the rally.

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