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Short post because the event that is described needs to be seen live. Black on white doesn’t present it well.

San Marino Flag Rally Week

There are many events in Europe that bring together legendary drivers and legendary cars. Some of them have even can be read in Rally Week articles. But no matter how hard the organizers of different countries or motoring clubs are trying, the October Rally Legend in San Marino is still the coolest event for rally legends. And this year just confirmed it.

Sixteen years ago, two friends, Vito Pirulli and Paolo Valli, had a dream to bring together the most passionate rally lovers at an event that would set fire to everyone’s heart. As usual, Vito and Paolo initially only got those little smiles and quiet whispers that they really wouldn’t succeed. But succeeded. And the first small event, with about 50 crews, including even Walter Rohrl and Miki Biasion, has grown into one of the largest rally festivals in Europe. In the beginning, participants competed in one Historic class. And at the 2019 event, 170 crews competed and participated in four classes – WRC, Star, Historic, Myth, and Heritage.

Briefly about participants and technique. This year the Rally Legend was honored by the factory Hyundai WRC team. Neuville drove with the Hyundai i20 WRC used in the 2018 season, Mikkelsen with the 2016 i20 WRC, and C.Breen sitting in the ex-Colin Mcrea Subaru Impreza. Craig’s dad tried to chase a son with MG Metro. And besides the current WRC stars – Gigi Galli with 600 hp Kia Rio RX, DTM and RX star Mattias Ekstrom with Audi A1 EKSRX, legendary Miki Biasion with Lancia 037, Ken Block with Ford Escort and so on. Naming and naming various stars and legends with cars such as Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta S4. Hungarians with Lada VFTS’s and a lot of supporters, K.Klausner and Latvian Ivars Velme, who drove their Audi Quattro’s on asphalt like on gravel.

This is the best show event in the rally world. And before visiting, I suggest you just take a look at what’s going on there.

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