Martynas Samsonas

N5 cars and their future in Lithuania – Martynas Samsonas and RMC Motorsport

RMC Motorsport Samsonas motorsport

The further you go, the more the combination of one letter and number – N5 – becomes more and more known to the Lithuanian rally community. And the further, the greater contribution these cars will make to the Lithuanian rally. Two interviews with people who are responsible for the speed and appearance of these cars in Lithuania – Martynas Samsonas and RMC Motorsport manager Roberto Mendez.

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Limits and Rallying

Rallying and limits

In one documentary about extremely old times when men sacrificed their lives to reach the limits of their own and cars , I heard an interesting comparison. Motorsport is like climbing out a window reaching that limit before you just fall out. And in history, those falls were not one and not two. Hundreds. Or maybe even thousands. Taking away even those who watch that spectacle. Once upon a time, death in motorsport was completely common and taken for granted. Times have changed little by little and today the situation is completely different. And while racers still “fall through the windows” to reach the limits, modern security technology in most cases allows that fall to survive. So I decided to ask those we look at with awe standing next to the special stages. What do they think about limits? Why are they are reaching them and what processes are going on at the time? So, Limits and Rallying.

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