North America

Sno*Drift Rally

Snow drift rally Week

The US also has its own winter rally. Happening in the northern part of the country, Sno*Drift Rally is a little different from the usual winter events known to Europeans. The difference is that the Concept of this rally is more reminiscent of a Monte Carlo, as most of the result consists of tire choice and the ability to keep the car on the road in extremely slippery conditions.

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Olympus Rally ’20

Olympus Rally 2020

North America is such a geographically diverse continent where you can find many similar places from all over the world. This feature is also reflected in the rally. The U.S. Rally Championship has enough rallies that are strongly reminiscent of the WRC Championship. In the winter, the WRC takes place in Sweden, and a similar Sno * Drift rally takes place in the USA. The WRC Finland is very perfectly replicated by the Ojibwe Forest Rally roads and the same thousands of lakes around. And the style of autumn Wales is best reflected during the Olympus Rally.

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New England Forest Rally ’19

New England Forest Rally

The United States is the home of people with high levels of gasoline in their blood. So motorsport has a really respectable place in the pantheon of various sports. True, that the rally itself has not conquered hearts as strongly as other steel horse races. There are two major championships in North America, the ARA (American Rally Association) and the FIA North American Rally Cup. The first consists of 9 stages in the US and the second – as many as 17 events throughout North America. The crews there are mostly local, with stars like Ken Block or Travis Pastrana was among them. But European rally grandmasters like Mark Higgins and Barry McKenna also take part in the promised land. Junior WRC Champion Patrick Sandel also drove there. And now everyone’s eyes turned to the young Norwegian, Petter Solberg’s son – Oliver.

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