MCA Capriccio ’20

MCA Capriccio Rally Week

Although MCA Capriccio is more reminiscent of the name of some Italian racing team, it is actually the last rally to take place before the cancelation and postponements of all races. Drivers and drivers chased the cars on March 22, a week after the Mexican event of the WRC, which had already received ambiguous comments about its going in a global quarantine context. So the author of this text has nothing left but to grab the dictionary of the Japanese language and delve deeper into those who dared to start the engines at the starting line.

Japan Flag Rally Week

MCA Capriccio is a short, 35-kilometer, 7-stages asphalt rally on the southernmost island of Japan. The competition is in a one-day format, taking place on Sunday. Category B-licence is sufficient, hybrid and cars with automatic transmission are also allowed. Everything has been simplified so that it is as easy to participate as possible. Capriccio competition belongs to four different championships. JMRC Kyushu and JAF Kyushu are local island championships featuring cars of various makes. And in the TGR and TRD cups – only Toyota cars compete. The first is the Toyota Gazoo Racing and the second is the Toyota Racing Development project. It is gratifying that Toyota Gazoo Racing cares not only for professional motorsports but also for amateurs. And Toyota Racing Development, in this place, is successfully marketing its products for the improvement of the streetcars that abound in this race. The TRD cup is just one for the whole of Japan, and the Gazoo Racing series are distributed across the country’s islands, but it also has the main one, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Challenge Championship. In other words, Toyota makes sure their cars don’t just drive to the office, shop, and home.

The most popular cars in such races are various Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota GT86, Toyota Vitz (known in Europe as Yaris), Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic cars. The GT86 and Vitz dominate the Toyota Gazoo Racing Challenge championship. Depending on the championship – some cars are with more serious safety equipment like safety roll cage, others – only sports seats. It goes without saying that helmets are mandatory. Most cars are either standard or with minor improvements. Competitions in these championships take place both on asphalt and on other loose surfaces like gravel or snow. Participants gather differently depending on the importance of the stage and their geographical location. From 20-30 to 80.

The victory was taken home by Daisuke Fujimoto with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Within a meager thirty kilometers, the Japanese accumulated a nearly 40-second lead over Kenji Tsuruta with the Toyota GT86.

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