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Arctic Lapland Rally ’21

Arctic Lapland Rally Week #03

This early Thursday morning, nature itself reminded me of what I need to do or at least start doing. Having spent a good half hour intensively clearing the only entry into the World from metric snow tongues and walls, I put probably a good third of the text in mind. I felt like a real polar resident, waving a snow shovel in the morning instead of exercising or yoga. You couldn’t even ask for better circumstances and mood for a text about the Arctic Lapland Rally. It is a pity that I forgot to take a picture. If not for the main photo of the article, then at least in the archive.

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MCA Capriccio ’20

MCA Capriccio Rally Week

Although MCA Capriccio is more reminiscent of the name of some Italian racing team, it is actually the last rally to take place before the cancelation and postponements of all races. Drivers and drivers chased the cars on March 22, a week after the Mexican event of the WRC, which had already received ambiguous comments about its going in a global quarantine context. So the author of this text has nothing left but to grab the dictionary of the Japanese language and delve deeper into those who dared to start the engines at the starting line.

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Hellendoorn Rally ’19

Helendoorn Rally Week

This time we will travel to the eastern part of the Netherlands, the Hellendoorn neighborhood, where the event of the Dutch Rally Championship takes place every year. 170 kilometers of stages were waiting for the participants. Although this rally is officially a tarmac event, crews have to sweat a lot to try to get their car on the gravel and sand. Not to mention when the rain comes. Roads run through villages and small towns, so from time to time, there are gravel roads. Also, drivers tend to cut corners heavily and the road gets dirty pretty quickly. Some drivers, intentionally or unintentionally, have the ability to cut a meter – another even through cornfields. And here’s a brief look at the Dutch Championship itself and the guest who has only missed one of this event in a decade.

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