Kisvaszar Rally 3 ’20

Kisvaszar Rally 2020 Rally Week

After a long and freezing period, when motorsport had to move to the virtual space, a kind of spring finally comes. The first blossoms are a various team and co-organized tests designed to get petrol flow back in the veins of cars and petrol heads. A few more weeks later, the first small-scale events were launched. Little by little, everything is trying to get back to the old tracks. Kisvaszar Rally 3.

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Woodpecker Stages Rally ’19

Woodpecker Stages Rally

The R5 Rally Car Class is a great move from the FIA. This class dominates the national championships and is a great stepping stone to the World Rally Championship. Some manufacturers are doing better, their cars are dominant, and buyers have the longest queues. For others, it is harder to succeed, lacking in speed and reliability. And a new player has recently entered this highly competitive pot of Škoda, Ford, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Citroen. Probably it is unlikely to reach heights like rivals because it is a private initiative, not a manufacturer’s project, but diversity is a welcome thing. And we’re talking about a British project where a Japanese engine sits in a chassis from Malaysia. Globalization, in other words.

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