Oleksandr Kozlov

Rally Chumatskyi Shlyah

Spring. Nature is waking, also national rally championships are waking up, that didn’t have a chance to start in the winter. Last weekend, the Ukrainian Championship also woke up from hibernation. It began in the southern part of the country. And at night between the two days of the rally, the hot rally heads ’heads were greatly cooled by the rain. Lots of rain.

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Rally Chumatskiy Shlyah ’19

Rally Week

In southern Ukraine, near Odesa, men last time gathered to finish Ukraine’s championship affairs at the Chumatskiy Shlyah rally. Like all the events, it was on gravel. Even though the weather was great at the rally time, previous weather conditions meant that you could distinguish a car only by its shape – color, sponsor stickers, and other design elements were hiding underneath a thick layer of dirt. In addition, several stages were canceled with a bunch of other organizational difficulties. Rally Chumatskiy Shlyah.

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