Sammy Yokote Rally ’19

Sammy Yokote Rally

Legendary Japanese rally master, two-time Production WRC and multiple-time national champion, Toshihiro Arai is approaching a beautiful anniversary. At the Sammy Yokote Rally, Toshi celebrated the 180th rally start. Although the man will be 53 years old at Christmas, Toshi is unlikely to stop before he reaches the 200 starts. The number 180 is impressive, but what really turns T. Arai into a special person in the rally world – all the events up to one was started with cars that had the same swarm of stars on their hoods. In the Japanese language – that swarm is called Subaru. For 24 years, Toshi has been driving a variety of models on the rally roads, from the old Subaru Impreza GT to the Subaru Impreza S12 WRC. The only place where Arai has issued a Subaru badge is the start of the WTCC event in Japan with Chevrolet.

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