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Arctic Lapland Rally ’21

Arctic Lapland Rally Week #03

This early Thursday morning, nature itself reminded me of what I need to do or at least start doing. Having spent a good half hour intensively clearing the only entry into the World from metric snow tongues and walls, I put probably a good third of the text in mind. I felt like a real polar resident, waving a snow shovel in the morning instead of exercising or yoga. You couldn’t even ask for better circumstances and mood for a text about the Arctic Lapland Rally. It is a pity that I forgot to take a picture. If not for the main photo of the article, then at least in the archive.

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Arctic Lapland Rally ’20

Arctic Lapland Rally Rally Week

Rovaniemi is a city in the legendary Lapland region with a Santa Claus in the neighborhood. It is one of the few places where snowbanks are with a car roof at the moment. Thus, the Arctic Lapland Rally avoided the fate of Winter (Lithuania), Sarma (Latvia) or Finnskog (Norway) rallies due to lack of frost and snow. In addition, it is one of the most famous snow rallies in the world, which is only losing a place to WRC Sweden.

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